Our Teachers


Joaquin Fioresi, PTP, Health Educator & Herbalist

Joaquin is a polarity therapist, somatic therapist, zen shiatsu massage therapist, Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle counselor, musician/mantra yogi and founder of institute for alternative and complementary therapy. Raised in South San Francisco’s diverse community, Joaquin loves the outdoors and moved up to the magical West Shore of Lake Tahoe. His direct, honest and articulate communication style shows up in his private practice and educational retreats he facilitates. 

Joaquin keeps his own practice of wellness thriving and supported by following mentors and nourishing a network of fellow teachers and practitioners.

Joaquin loves to share the wisdom that he’s experienced and gleaned with those ready to go deeper into the body’s super consciousness.

Contact Joaquin (530) 391-1794 / wellbeingjoaquin@gmail.com


Bruce Burger, MA, RPP, RPE,

Vedic Energy Medicine Guru

Bruce is the founder of Heartwood Institute (1978) and the Author of Esoteric Anatomy, The Body As Consciousness. Heartwood was a center for professional training in holistic healing. Located on 200 acres in Northern California, Heartwood was  an eco-village, utopian community and one of the world's leading centers for professional training for careers in massage, somatics, asian healing arts, personal growth facilitation and spiritual healing.


Joyce Kilburg, Yoga Instructor, RYT

Yogi Ma

AfJoyce Kilburg , is a long devoted and respected yoga instructor in the Sacramento Community. Joyce's facilitation style is designed for students to experience the unity of mind and body that  bridge the breath.
A devoted practitioner of Thai/polarity bodywork, and cupping.