150hr Training - INTEGRATING Energy Medicine, Somatic THERAPY, Mantra Yoga & Philosophy


Healing Arts Training Unparalelled

Receive 150hr Cert with the International Polarity Education Alliance - 

We cater to people wanting a deeper understanding of energy medicine by tapping into the wisdom of Bruce Burgers book Esoteric Anatomy, The Body As Consciousness a deep synthesis of Dr. Stones, Polarity Therapy, and Peter Levine's, Somatic Therapy. 

Yoga philosophy, is delivered in the form of mantra yoga, meditation and contemplation.

Breath work is paramount in this life changing work, and it must be experienced to truly feel, know and believe.

Begin at any level and start your healing arts journey!

With a complete emphasis on releasing trauma and tension in the body, mind and spirit.


  • Sattvic Energy Balancing Protocol    25hrs
  • Rajasic Energy Balancing Protocol    25hrs
  • Ultrasonic Core Balancing Protocol 25hrs
  • Mantra Yoga/Sound Therapy.               25hrs 
  • Somatic Therapy:                                         50hrs
  • Rescuing the Inner Child
  • Etheric Plane Communication

Each course requires 8 practicums, and 2 hours of reading, study and contemplation.

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Each 25hr course is $395, and the 50hr. Course is $695

Total cost $2,275- Paid in full save $400 

$150 to register for each class.

Full amount due on day of the class.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

  • 7/29 Sattvic Energy Balancing For Beginners 9am-3pm $65 

  • 9/12-9/15 Somatic Emotional Clearing  + Somatic Sound Healing 50 Hours        

                         4 Day Tahoe City with Bruce Burger & Joaquin Fioresi 9am - 4pm each day 

  • 10/5-10/6 Sattvic Energy Balancing        25 Hours     Placerville, CA

  • 11/9-11/10 Rajas/Fire Energy Balancing  25 Hours     Placerville, CA

  • 12/7-12/8 Etheric Core Balancing           25 Hours        Tahoe City